2018 Tax Year (Schedule 1) Adjustments to Income

This Blog will explain the Schedule 1 – Adjustments to Income categories that are available to Taxpayers for the 2018 Tax Year.

Line 23: Educator Expenses

Line 24: Certain business expenses of reservist, performing artists, and fee-based government officials. Attach form 2106.

Line 25: Health savings account deduction. Attach Form 8889.

Line 26: Moving expenses for members of the armed forces. Attach form 3903.

Line 27: Deductible part of self-employment tax. Attach Schedule SE

Line 28: Self-employed SEP, SIMPLE and qualified plans

Line 29: Self-employed health insurance deduction

Line 30: Penalty on early withdrawal of savings

Line 31a: Alimony paid & Line 31b: Recipient’s SSN

Line 32: IRA deduction

Line 33: Student loan interest deduction

Line 34: Reserved

Line 35: Reserved

Line 36: Add lines 23 through 35

Line 37: Subtract line 36 from line 22. Enter here and on Form 1040, line 6

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